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The Staves: Tired as Fuck (and a rant)

A few months ago, I stumbled on The Staves "Tired as Fuck," and it's been a go-to listen on YouTube, Spotify, etc. It's got a great build – adding layers until it turns into a chorus of voices and blistering guitar and throbbing percussion. ««Read the whole post »»

Ehren Starks returns! Cry Wolf on Magnatune

Last year when I did my 100 favorite albums, I put Ehren Starks' The Depths of a Year at number 74. It had been 11 years since his last album, Lines Build Walls, and there were no signs of a third album in sight. ««Read the whole post»»

Instrumental super funk / pop from The Traffic

Friday's jam is another Bandcamp discovery, a "single" with "Super Freak" as the A-side, and "Like I Love You" as the B-side. This is a lot of fun, and I'm bummed I missed out on the limited pressing of the 45. ««Read the whole post»»

Today's album pick: Dynamics by Secret Drum Band

This is another Bandcamp win, Secret Drum Band's Dynamics. Based in Portland, Oregon the band describes the album thusly... ««Read the whole post»»

Halloween Music: Gorilla vs. Bear's 2017 Halloween Mix

You just know that Christmas music is around the corner. Waiting. Lurking. The insufferable and treacly tunes are just lying in wait, ready to spring on November 1st. But! Until then, we can fend them off with spooky sounds. ««Read the whole post»»

Bye bye WordPress

After more than a decade, I decided a few months ago it was time to jump ship from WordPress. More recent updates have taken the CMS in a direction I'm just not thrilled with, and I wanted to move away from a dynamic CMS to plain 'ol text files and such that didn't need to be updated on the regular to prevent security vulnerabilities.

The old content should still exist, but it's been exported using a static site plugin and there may be some weirdness. Like comments and the search function no longer work for those pages. At some point I'll re-add search, but comments are probably gone forever. The site has never gotten huge traffic, and most of the comments came from bots. So no major loss there.

At some point I'll also look into an RSS feed, which probably means I'll need to embrace a static site generator or write my own. Because, after all, what the world really needs is one more static site generator...