Joining Red Hat

red-hat-logo-0507When you think of Linux, one of the first phrases that comes to mind is "Red Hat." When people look to give examples of successful open source businesses, Red Hat is always (rightfully) at the top of the list. They are one of the few (if not only) companies of size that don't hold back the good bits (e.g. "open core") and invest heavily in many, many upstream open source projects.

The company also boasts an impressive roster of talent, past and present, who care deeply about open source and making the world a better place for users, system administrators, and developers.

Today, I'm going to have the privilege of joining them – and I'm really excited and optimistic about the possibilities.

Author: Joe Brockmeier

Joe Brockmeier is a long-time participant in open source projects and former technology journalist. Brockmeier has worked as the openSUSE Community Manager, is an Apache Software Foundation (ASF) member, and participates heavily in the Fedora Cloud Working Group. Brockmeier works for Red Hat in the Open Source and Standards (OSAS) and manages the community team.

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