My favorite 100 albums of all time: #12 ("Bloodletting")

"Bloodletting" album coverBloodletting gets tagged with the "gothic rock" genre, which is a bit unfair to Concrete Blonde. Sure, it's got a wee bit of goth about it, but it's not all gloom and doom lyrically or musically.

In fact, Bloodletting is every bit as energetic and rock & roll as Free, or their first (self-titled) album.

Bloodletting features Concrete Blonde as a three piece – Johnette Napolitano on vocals and bass, James Mankey on guitar, and Roxy Music's Paul Thompson on drums. Also some guest appearances by Peter Buck, Steve Wynn, and Andy Prieboy. Side note – pretty sure Peter Buck wins the "most appearances" and maybe "most valuable player" award for my top 100, as he's worked with R.E.M., Concrete Blonde, Robyn Hitchcock, 10,000 Maniacs, and Warren Zevon albums that have showed up in this list. Basically, the man's a damn machine.

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My favorite 100 albums of all time: #77 ("Free")

Concrete Blonde album cover "Free" Free, the second album from LA-based Concrete Blonde is today's pick for my top 100 favorite albums.

Concrete Blonde sits in the 80s/90s "Alternative/Indie" bucket, which means they're not exactly top 40, not exactly hard rock, and they didn't have a major label behind them for their first few albums. Free was released by I.R.S., which had also been home to R.E.M. before the band jumped over to Warner Bros. and released Green.

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