My favorite 100 albums of all time: #11 ("Safe Travels")

"Safe Travels" album coverJukebox the Ghost set the bar high with their debut album Live and Let Ghosts, and their follow-up Everything Under the Sun. With Safe Travels they completely clear the bar, and then some.

Jukebox the Ghost is a relative newcomer on the music scene, especially compared with a lot of bands on this list. Their first studio album was released in 2008, and they've been a frenzy of touring and recording since. A three piece outfit, JtG features a drummer, keyboardist, and guitarist/bassist. Ben Thornewill (keyboards) and Tommy Siegel (guitar/bass) trade off on vocal duties, and drummer Jesse Kristin mostly sticks to the sticks.

JtG is indie / power pop at its finest. They've absorbed more than 50 years of rock and pop influences and have taken it and brought something new to the table.

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My favorite 100 albums of all time: #65 ("Everything Under the Sun")

Album Cover for "Everything Under the Sun" by Jukebox the Ghost The band behind today's album may have the distinction of having the oddest name in the entire lineup. Naming aside, the trio produces amazing piano-based pop, and Everything Under the Sun is a fantastic snapshot of their work.

The band consists of Ben Thornewill (piano, vocals), Tommy Siegel (guitar/bass, vocals), and Jesse Kristin (drums). If the band hadn't opened for the Barenaked Ladies, it's entirely possible I'd have never stumbled on their work. Luckily, I got there early and was totally blown away from the start of their set onwards. I picked up both albums from the merch table immediately after the set, and was not at all disappointed when I got home.

Everything Under the Sun is frenetic and bouncy from the start. "Schizophrenia" is off like a rocket with rapid-fire piano, keyboards, and Siegel setting down solid guitar riffs. Kristin is all over the drums, like the offspring of Keith Moon and Ringo Starr.

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