My favorite 100 albums of all time: #79 ("Ekstasis")

Nicky Skopelitis "Ekstasis" album cover On the off chance that anyone is actually playing along at home, I feel bad about listing records that you can't easily find on Spotify, Google Play, or other digital music services. Yet, like Prison, I can't really leave Ekstasis off the list.

Ekstasis is in a similar vein with Hallucination Engine, being a heady mix of funk, jazz, rock, world music, and the kitchen sink if it adds anything. The album is credited to guitarist Nicky Skopelitis, but the cast of characters contributing looks a lot like a Material album.

Bill Laswell looms large on this one, as well as bassist Jah Wobble. For example, Wobble dominates "Sanctuary" – the fifth track on the album. Wobble's driving bass and Bachir Attar's ghaita are the featured players on this track, with Skopelitis' guitar contributions playing more of a supporting role than taking the spotlight.

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