This Just In: Ministry is Officially Oldies Music

ministry-psalm-69 Not sure how I missed this. Psalm 69 turned 20 last year. It was definitely one of the high points of mainstream industrial rock, along with Nine Inch Nails' Broken, Pretty Hate Machine, and The Downward Spiral. (For me, anyway. I'm just catching up with Front Line Assembly…)

I'm not a huge Ministry fan, but I really loved this album and caught them live at Lollapalooza in 1992 on tour for Psalm 69 – they killed it onstage and had a massive mosh pit going in the field. (The only performance of the day that matched Ministry was Pearl Jam, with Eddie Vedder climbing the rafters, literally.)

I have checked in with Ministry periodically since then, and nothing they've done since quite lived up to this album, IMHO. Pity, because I'd love another 20 albums like this.

20 years, man. Actually, closer to 21. That's just crazypants. When I was a kid in the mid-70s, we listened to an oldies station a lot – and they played stuff from the 50s and 60s as "golden oldies." So I guess this means that "Jesus Built My Hotrod" and "N.W.O." are officially oldies now.

If you're my age, you may now commence telling kids to get off your lawn.

Author: Joe Brockmeier

Joe Brockmeier is a long-time participant in open source projects and former technology journalist. Brockmeier has worked as the openSUSE Community Manager, is an Apache Software Foundation (ASF) member, and participates heavily in the Fedora Cloud Working Group. Brockmeier works for Red Hat in the Open Source and Standards (OSAS) and manages the community team.

One thought on “This Just In: Ministry is Officially Oldies Music”

  1. Now if we could just get the oldies stations to play some Ministry. Its hard to believe that Nirvana's Nevermind is over 20 years old also, it feels like it was only like 5, maybe 10 years ago.

    Ministry's Cover Up is a great album IMHO, I suggest taking a listen if you haven't already. Anoither great thing about Ministry is the bands that have spun off by members. Pigface is one of the spin off bands that I enjoy.

    Time to go out and sit in my lawn chair to defend my lawn from those pesky kids.

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