My favorite 100 albums of all time: #32 ("Under the Pink")

Album cover "Under the Pink"If there was any doubt whether Tori Amos could live up to her debut, Little Earthquakes, it was shattered by Under The Pink. From the opening track, "Pretty Good Year" to the epic closer "Yes, Anastasia," Amos knocks it out of the park.

Under the Pink is not a radical departure from Little Earthquakes, but it's not just treading the same ground again either. If you loved the first album, you'll almost certainly love this one – without feeling like "oh, it's the same album all over again with a few tweaks." It's also, thankfully, not one of those albums where the artist was afraid of being in a rut and went and changed everything up to sound different. Amos may bust out a full album of death metal or bluegrass standards (or some combination of the two) one of these days, but this is not that.

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My favorite 100 albums of all time: #48 ("Little Earthquakes")

Album cover "Little Earthquakes" by Tori AmosWhat's not to love about Tori Amos' debut album, Little Earthquakes? Amos' command of the piano, her lovely and haunting voice, and the incredibly well-written songs make for an incredibly compelling package.

If you've never listened to Amos before, you realize with "Crucify" that you're not in for a standard pop record. Her voice, her piano playing, the dynamics of the song… everything comes together like nothing else you've heard before. Or if you have, you need to tell me what I've been missing out on!

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